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"Mainstreaming" your Regeneration Initiative -PM session

Venue: Zoom

Host: The Sustainability Project

Host Web site:


Online event address:

When: Dec 05, 2022 @ 07:00 PM

Please consider joining us for a "Meeting of Community Initiatives", hosted by The Sustainability Project on behalf of our newly-funded project Regenerate Grey Bruce which is funded by The Greenbelt Foundation.

This is a Hybrid event (both in person and virtual options) Directions to "In-person" launch party at Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre near Oliphant

if you are feeling unwell, or do not wish to drive, please choose a virtual option

Regenerate Grey Bruce's purpose is to establish a new narrative about natural systems that embrace vibrant, living landscapes.

We recognize that many local initiatives exist & thrive in urban and rural areas alike, through land-based conservation, Ontario-native plantings, public education, and entrepreneurship.

Our main task is to support, elevate, & improve the public visibility of community initiatives, and overcome barriers to scaling-up great initiatives like yours, for landscape-scale impact.

But we also want to celebrate you and your initiative. Hence the party.

At our LAUNCH PARTY, we would like to build bridges between these initiatives so that we can all experience the mutual benefits of regenerative activities, and explore/address any barriers that people face when embarking on a regeneration activity.

We can call it "mainstreaming", how's that sound?

On Monday December 5th, we plan to launch in two meet-ups, one of which will hopefully coincide with your schedule:

AM SESSION: Dec. 5th | 10:00am - 11:30am (at Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre + virtual) virtual rsvp is

PM SESSION: Dec. 5th | 7:00pm - 8:30pm (virtual only) rsvp is:

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