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Herbal Teas - From Earth to Cup

Venue: By The Bluffs

Host: By the Bluffs Nursery & Orchard

Host Web site:


170513 Centre Road
Lake Charles
N0H 2T0
( ON, CA )

When: Jul 09, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

In this workshop we will wander through the gardens and collect plants that are great for teas and infusions.

We will demonstrate the processes from start to finish.

There will be various wild teas available to taste test. And you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to grow your own teas. You will also take home fresh plant cuttings to dry for your own teas and infusions.

Through this workshop you will learn:

  • about the variety of native plants that can be used in teas,
  • how and when to sustainably harvest plants,
  • various different drying methods,
  • how to make herbal teas and infusions, and
  • the benefits and cautions of the plants we will be using. Plants will also be available for purchase after the workshop.

Details at: To register please email rootedbythebluffs [at]

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