ALL THROUGH MARCH - Restoring Fruit Tree Health & Production

Venue: Rooted by the Bluffs

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Start Date: Sunday, March 31 @ 09:00

End Date: Sunday, March 31 @ 23:59

Host name: Rooted by the Bluffs

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About This Event

Restoring Fruit Tree Health & Production

Do you have old, abandoned fruit trees on your property that could use a little TLC? This workshop will teach you the steps to take, to increase the health and production of your fruit trees. Growing your own food not only provides you with incredible satisfaction and resilience, but also a deep and nourishing connection with the earth. This is an online workshop, accessible throughout the month of March. More details can be found within the event linked below.

$50-$70 per person.

Sliding scale pricing is offered, so that you can pay what you can afford. Many are in financial strain due to the current circumstances. By contributing towards the higher price range, you help those who are struggling. This helps to sustain my work and livelihood.

More details located here:
To register please email us!

Additional important info:

  • This workshop will be entirely on-line, at your own pace.
  • On-line training will be provided through videos.
  • Videos include methodology, processes, and detailed images for explanation, as well as in-field demonstrations covering all techniques learned.
  • Your individual link will be provided to you after registration via email.
  • Videos are accessible until March 30th.
  • Email to register.
  • An e-transfer will be required to confirm your registration.