It’s a Climate Emergency – Act Like It

Bruce Grey Residents Deliver a Message to Candidates

Local citizens have organized a Climate Action march on Wednesday
September 8th in Owen Sound starting from the Farmers’ Market at noon;
one of more than 50 marches across Canada supported by the climate
advocacy organization’s “Canada on Fire” campaign
( We are in the midst of an urgent
climate emergency, but our politicians aren’t acting like it. The United
Nation calls the situation a Code Red for Humanity. Yet, despite years
of increasingly catastrophic weather events, Canadian policies
addressing emissions to protect our air, water, land, and life remain
woefully inadequate.

That is why march on September 8th — the day of the French Federal
Leaders’ debate and the day before the English Federal Leaders’ debate.

Under the rallying cry Climate Emergency – Act Like It, we demand
politicians muster the courage, resources, and decisiveness to:

  • exceed our Paris Agreement emissions targets
  • make a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy
  • halt to fossil fuel subsidization
  • increase protection for our carbon-capturing forests, oceans,
    freshwater systems and wetlands
  • strengthen our sustainable agricultural practices, and
  • publish annual accountability targets for ALL of the above.

We call on fellow citizens to join us on September 8th. By acting as a
community to demand change, we prioritize the climate crisis and
advocate for a sustainable and just society. We can do even more by
embracing a sustainable way of living. If we don’t come together on this
issue today, we close our eyes to an unimaginable legacy of harm
impacting future generations.

When: Wednesday, September 8th Time: 4:00pm till 5:00pm (arrive 10 minutes early)

Where: The march starts and ends at Owen Sound Farmers’ Market, 88 8th Street East, Owen Sound (just behind City Hall).

We will have reusable signs for those who want them, and we will deliver the attached handout to the 3 Federal candidates with offices in Owen Sound.

Covid Protocols: Masks, social distancing, and Covid
self-assessment test are required.

Register your attendance at

Notifying us of attendance is critical for contact tracing purposes.

For more information visit, and the media may contact Lesley Lewis - (519) 577-7503

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