Greenbelt Foundation funds The Sustainability Project

“Regenerate Grey Bruce” Group is Working Towards A New Landscape & Development Narrative

Georgian Bluffs, March 1, 2022

Greenbelt Foundation has awarded The Sustainability Project with a grant to pursue a new landscape & development narrative for Grey-Bruce.

This project will engage a network of thought-leaders in landscape regeneration, and work to formulate a strong narrative how this region can enhance landscape resilience in our changing climate.

The project is part of the Greenbelt Foundation’s effort to increase plant cover in the Greenbelt & Niagara Escarpment.

The 2-year project will examine aspects of land use change and landscape resilience in our neighbourhoods, both urban and rural. The project uses two phases.

The first phase is about convening a network of regeneration leaders (mentors, businesses, educators and speakers), then formulating a community vision of what the residents of Grey and Bruce Counties collectively want the region to look like in the future.

The narrative will be co-created with a small, yet representative group of local leaders with good standing in farming, landscaping, ecosystems, and other talents from across the community. The group will examine the multiple functions that landscapes have for our region, including ecologic, social, economic, cultural services.

“This initial research will aim to discover what adaptations people can and want to make, in order to leave behind a resilient community to our children and grandchildren,” says Leigh Grigg of The Sustainability Project. “With this generous grant from Greenbelt Foundation, we’re hoping to find out what a desirable landscape might look like.”

The second phase of the project will amplify the visibility of this network, and then promote this new landscape & development narrative to key decision makers in our region.

“Starting today, we are looking to build networks with local leaders who have lived experience in regeneration,” continues Grigg. “We are relying on individuals who have skills that they can share, pilot projects they’d like to shine a light on, or have businesses that offer regeneration services. We are also seeking out educators who are comfortable speaking about regeneration in all its aspects.”

“If you know a person like this, or are one yourself, please contact our project coordinator at”


Thorsten Arnold, Project Coordinator

Tel: 519 935 3005 - afternoons after 2pm

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Source: Press Release

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