We're encouraging everyone who's participating in regeneration to connect and unite.

Inspiring Videos

We have some videography of local regeneration initiatives, and individual leaders

Please check out our Youtube Playlist for a few beautiful short videos & recorded conversations:

Youth Climate Action Conference

On November 21, 2023 elementary school students in Grade 6 through Grade 8 were invited to participate in sharing stories about regeneration, at a one-day conference hosted by The Sustainability Project, Regenerate Grey Bruce, and Grey County.

The event information page for YCAC is here.

A video of the full event is available on the Grey County Youtube Channel here.

Lawn Signs

We are already surrounded by "Regenerators"

If you would like to get your very own "We Regenerate Grey-Bruce" lawn sign, please contact us!

Invite Us!

We offer talks around climate-resilient landscapes, the role of narrative, regenerative farming, natural landscaping, and community projects like our Tiny Forest. Please contact us!

More to come

We're continuing to add more community stories into the emerging narrative to i.e. Regeneration Stories, Presentations, Social Media, Signage/Messaging, etc. so bookmark and visit frequently!

Don't Forget!

Remember, the goal of RGB now is to amplify this emerging narrative we've uncovered, the collective and individual stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, acted out in real time through our decisions and actions. You can take action by:

PLANT (POLLINATORS and NATIVE SPECIES): Addressing barriers community members face in regenerating their surrounding landscapes i.e. planting native plants; supporting a regional native plant supply chain; and, bringing together nursery owners, farmers and seed collectors, etc.

SHARE (YOUR STORY): Publishing, Highlighting and Inviting more stories into the emerging narrative to i.e. Regeneration Stories, Presentations, StoryMap, Social Media, Signage/Messaging, etc.

INSPIRE (TO JOIN): Directly inviting friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join the work i.e. Theory of Change, Guide for Intergenerational Collaboration, YCAC collaboration, Wiarton Tiny Forest Collaboration, RGB Seed Collectors, etc.

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