Workbees are experiential learning events that get work done.

Hosts offer workbees because they want to engage with community, and because they need community support to get things done. Participants offer their time because they want to help get things done, while learning the theory, receiving coaching for how to work practically, and because they want to connect with likeminded folks from the community.

Our workbee hosts are trained to create an experience that is wholesome: it creates a community space for meeting new people, it educates participants about what they do and why, and it coaches participants to execute work safely and effectively.

Hosting effective workbees is an art and management challenge: it requires preparation, providing tools, informing participants in advance so they can prepare appropriately. It requires creating space for meeting one another during breaks, while also experiencing how the community can accomplish more together than alone.

After a good workbee, participants go home with a feeling of accomplishment: they have learned something and gained practical skills, they feel the joy of accomplishing tasks in community, and they contributed to landscape regeneration.

The host has gained new community connections, feels the joy of teaching others, and can check off an item from his/her "to-do" list.

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