Theory of Change

The "Good Stuff" and what we're aiming to accomplish.

Our Theory of Change

The project RGB embraces cultural transformation theory and focuses on intervention at two levels: Individual and System.

  1. For individuals, RGB focuses on creating revelations of belonging and a sense of being part of a movement.
  2. At a systemic level, RGB focuses on building a Narrative Network as core infrastructure for cultural transformation.

Individual focus – Creating Revelations of Belonging with participation experiences

Lived practical regeneration experiences, optimally in community, support this profound transition in personal narrative. This requires a transition from knowing as a passive observer to taking active responsibility in landscape management and engaging in regeneration. One common inhibition is group signalling: individuals feel held back by the mainstream landscape narrative of control and human dominance or superiority. Our target group for individual engagement is people who have awareness for the planetary crisis, but don’t signal to their community that they are willing to act accordingly. We believe that public signalling of those who already know is a powerful leverage point for change.

To create ‘Revelations of Belonging’, RGB engages in the following activities:

  • Education with community organizations around our Theory of Change;
  • Narrative immersion by creating opportunities for actively participating in regenerating workbees;
  • Enable public signalling of individuals as first followers, e.g. by planting pollinator gardens with seeds that we supply; and,
  • Engaging local individuals in community work, e.g. by working with local groups to build Tiny Forests at local schools.

Systemic focus – Building a Narrative Network with organizations

Personal “revelations of belonging” are not regarded as a substitute for systemic change . The regulations, economic incentives, and cultural norms that need to change in order to shift the larger, societal landscape narratives currently in place have to follow behind individual shifts. RGB recognizes the scale at which we hope to shift, and so approaches systemic change by focusing on building a “Narrative Network” of existing community groups, such as gardening clubs, agricultural associations and youth organizers, already engaged in regenerative work to support the bridging between the individual and system levels.

To build a ‘Narrative Network’, RGB engages in Education to organizations about our theory of change, and about a new landscape narrative of hope as an umbrella for local landscape-oriented organizations, Narrative immersion by participating in activities that address barriers that inhibit a transformation, Highlight local initiatives on a shared platform; and Developing a shared communication strategy that guides the network’s collective communication.

Don't Forget!

Remember, the goal of RGB now is to amplify this emerging narrative we've uncovered, the collective and individual stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, acted out in real time through our decisions and actions. You can take action by:

PLANT (POLLINATORS and NATIVE SPECIES): Addressing barriers community members face in regenerating their surrounding landscapes i.e. planting native plants; supporting a regional native plant supply chain; and, bringing together nursery owners, farmers and seed collectors, etc.

SHARE (YOUR STORY): Publishing, Highlighting and Inviting more stories into the emerging narrative to i.e. Regeneration Stories, Presentations, StoryMap, Social Media, Signage/Messaging, etc.

INSPIRE (TO JOIN): Directly inviting friends, family, co-workers, etc. to join the work i.e. Theory of Change, Guide for Intergenerational Collaboration, YCAC collaboration, Wiarton Tiny Forest Collaboration, RGB Seed Collectors, etc.

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